The cyclical progression that the cyberhornets have plotted and visualized for more than a decade is playing out in real-time, grabbing the imagination of the masses and the headlines of the mainstream:

In the previous post, I speculated Bitcoin would see the grand prize of $100k by end of the year 2021 and blossom fully towards $200k on the spring of 2022. Contextually, that estimate was just after I posted this:

Going long here would fetch you 90% returns within 50 days (Oct 8, 2020)

After spending some wee hours on and scribbling a few…

1st cycle (50 BTC mining block reward to 25 BTC reward)

2012 June bottom: 5$

2013 December top: 1000$

200x in 18 months

2nd cycle (25 BTC reward to 12.5 BTC reward)

2015 September bottom: 200$

(40x from last bottom)

2017 December top: 20,000$

(20x from last top)

100x in 27 months

(%50 longer than last cycle)

A practical illustration of how Gojek is now ‘the city’ and in itself became ‘urban infrastructure’ is its partnership with Kopi Kenangan, a highly popular coffee chain in Indonesia. The coffee chain, famous for its local, extra sweet flavoured coffee that typically metropolitan white-collar Indonesians enjoy, has built its business…

Dolmuş as a ‘collective’ on-demand urban infrastructure

The dolmuş is a novel urban mobility model that is found across all cities in Turkey. The word dolmuş can be literally translated as ‘stuffed’ from colloquial Turkish, referring to a vehicle that would only leave when ‘stuffed’ with people. Minibuses which are specifically produced by local factories as dolmuş…

Agents of Visibility in the Global South

This brief piece is a thought experiment on global visibility. Al Jazeera of Qatar and Gojek of Indonesia may seem as two unlikely cases of comparison. …

According to a recent report done across Indonesia regarding microfinance (MFI) tools, clients of MFIs in Indonesia are particularly vulnerable to cross-borrowing and this in many cases result in over-indebtedness because of their socio-economic backgrounds. Hence MFIs can be found to be pushing them into a worse position, specifically with…

i) Mobile applications

There are countless mobile apps within the Southeast Asian fintech ecosystem that are either established directly as financial instruments or transforming themselves into such capabilities. The current Indonesian government is playing an active and encouraging role in promoting such businesses to proliferate usage of fintech products across…

The emerging financial inclusion drive in Indonesia is set out to expand the potential of the domestic market, hence creating resilience against commodity shocks by enabling the economy to diversify away from traditional export channels (oil, natural gas and palm oil industries). Indeed, in a very general sense, despite its…

‘Fintech’ rapidly became one of those terms that we all use out of habit — often without having a practical recollection where it actually came from, when it got so mainsteam or simply why it exists in our lives in the first place. …


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